26 January 2013 @ 03:18 pm
So, since getting an iPhone at work, I have been enjoying using Istagram to take garden/nature photos, and then it's been super easy to share them to tumblr, so I've had actual content on my tumblr pretty regularly (Heartland Hemerocallis). But the new update there is completely incompatible with my ancient laptop -- I can read stuff, but can't edit any of my entries. Which is how I add tags to my photos, and what is the point of tumblr without tags?

The good news is, I had previously been unable to use DW for photo posts (aforementioned ancient laptop w/ ancient software somehow screwed up email posting), but now I can photo post here with my phone! So, for better or for worse, you will be getting nature photos here. In fact, I may gradually repost everything that's on my tumblr. But I will try to remember to cut-tag everything.

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